Unified Modeling Language UML

unified modeling language
unified modeling language

Unified Modeling Language

Comparison and Discussion rich pictures and use case modeling :

Both rich picture and use case Unified Modeling Language provide for us many different views of the system. They can be used in requirement analysis which can help us know more about user and process of a system. Besides that, they can show us many things that aren’t clear and thank for that, we can interact with our customer closer and easy to meet the requirements.


Unified modeling language rich pictures modeling

The difference between 2 tools rich pictures use case modeling are:

  • The rich picture modeling can be used in the beginning phase, using soft approach for analyzing the user thinking, that is very useful for getting requirements phase, the rich picture can show the general picture about the system, we can easily understand the system, what user problem? what user conflict? what user expectation?…some time with this approach way, we can solve the problem that the user meets and can change the system without creating a new system, base on the current system and adjust it for better than before. Another thing is rich picture just use in the beginning phase, in requirement phase, in others phases like design or coding, it can’t help. The Rich picture helps us have a look about human.
  • unified modeling language
    unified modeling language
  •  use case unified modeling language
  • The Use case modeling can be used in many phases in developing a new information system like a requirement, design, coding…Using hard approach for analysis the processing of the system, use case modeling are very useful to help everybody understand what process system have?, how many wrong things can happen?, what will happen before and after the process done?…the use case also help programmer can code the program easily by looking the activities, help requirement analyst can confirm the functional of customer easier, it increases the success rate of the new system. However, this approach can’t show the structure, conflict, issues of the system. The Use case helps us have a look at the process.
  • Generally, when we develop software, a project or a system, there have many method and tools to help us. But in the future, the system can be successful or not belong to the requirements can it meet. The future method will press on the human factor, so the rich picture and use case also have strong and weak points. We must use both of them to make sure that we meet the requirements about “soft” and “hard”.
Rich picture Use case

Can show the structure of system

Conflict between actors of system

Issues of actor

Expectation of user

Scrutiny from outside system


Details of process not clear

Sometimes can’t present the process


– Can show the process of system

– Can show the main actor who does the process, secondary actor who relates to the process

– Identify step by step activities inside the process

– Some conditions need before and result after the process happen


– Can’t show the structure of system

– Can’t show Conflict between actors of system

– Can’t show Issues of actor

– Can’t show Expectation of user


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