Total Quality Management and IT Project

Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management and IT Project

Project information Guides Laptop Selection project in IT Project and Total Quality Management 2017

Buy and define new laptops to all four hundred staff over the period of a month, Laptops use for staff sales executives who is always stay outside and working online. They can be connected to the internet every time. Factor and criteria for select Laptops should be included Total Cost of Ownership.Budget: 350.000 USD.  (Total Quality Management)

Factor and criteria to guides Laptop Selection project in IT Project and Toal Quality Management 2016 :

  • Battery life, screen, and weight are very important for staff sales executive move and working outside.
  • —Wireless/3G is important for connecting the internet anywhere.
  • —Camera/Microphone use for work exchange, advisory online, meeting conference, and media need for advertising, show for the customer.
  • —Price of laptops and the criteria of software license, operating cost as well as Annual cost such as maintain, service support are very important on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) because they will affect the cost of Laptop life cycle.

Points ranking for factor & criteria to guides Laptop Selection project in IT Project and Total Quality Management 2016 :

  • —TCO is very important because it will effect the total cost : 9 points
  • —Portability is also important, it is suitable for go outside: 9 points
  • —Networking for online internet anywhere, any time: 8 points

—Portability to guides Laptop Selection project in IT Project and Total Quality Management 2016:

  • —Battery life: Very important for working outside: 9 points
  • —Weight: easy when moving: 8 points
  • —Screen: screen size, full keyboard, and resolution :7 points—Networking:
  • —Wireless/3G: connect anywhere, anytime: 9 points
  • —Camera/Microphone use for work exchange, advisory online, meeting conference need for advertising, show for customer : 7 points
  • —Media: 5 points

—Performance to guides Laptop Selection project in IT Project and Total Quality Management 2016:

  • —Processor : 9 points
  • —Memory : 7 points
  • —Hard disk : 5 points

— Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to guides Laptop Selection project in IT Project and Toal Quality Management 2016:

  • —Price: 9 points
  • —Software Cost: 8 points
  • —Operating Costs: 6 points

—Annual cost: 6 points

Final recommendations IT Project and Quality Management 2016:

  • —Choose Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420 because:
  • —Total score is 78.82%, highest score in comparison with 4 other Laptops.
  • —Battery life: 6 hours
  • —Processor: Intel Core i5-2350M Processor (2.30GHz, 3MB L3, 1333MHz FSB)
  • —Prices: only $539 and TCO is $450
  • —Good performance, easy use when to go outside, connect the internet anywhere with reasonable prices

I. Introduction :
PetroInternation is an international company in providing transport, mining, processing, product distribution, insurance and financial service in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Algérie, Venezuela , Iraq and Russian. They have 20 offices and over 400 employees. Dr. Richar Man , President & CEO of PetroInternation has a strategy to expand their services. But his staff, sales executives has been using a wide range of various laptop models which are high cost, difficult to manage, and do not prove to have the necessary functionality required to support the job of a sale executive. Some laptops are so strong with a lot of add-in function, some are not adapt PetroInternation requirement because of its missing some important functionality such as email, wireless and the operation system of the laptop is also different with Windows, Linux , Ubuntu, Android and so on.
How to control the performance of staff ? How does sale executives can work online anywhere, anytime? Therefore, PetroInternation decides to investigate new system to help employees work more effectively. The target of the project is buying new laptops to all four hundred staff over the period of a month.

II. Project Management Methodology :
After analyzing the requirement, define the scope of Laptop Selection project. I applied Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Based on the guide of this methodology gives me clear processes, framework, necessary tools and templates for managing project, I applied five process groups include initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing and use 10 management knowledge and some tools, templates such as work breakdown structure, Gantt chart, network diagram, project cost estimate. Microsoft Office Project helps me analysis task, subtask then I can estimate duration for each task and assigned responsible to each person. I also use Gantt chart to define the milestone for each phase, It also helps me define the critical path of a project to estimate the duration and completed time of project as well as total cost of a project.
I used Excel tool to selecting the laptop, Weighted Scoring Model can help me easy identify and compare factors, criteria to choice the best laptop in this project.
Project management is very important when to implement a project. To make a project successful, we should combine many factors such as which project management methodology, which project management software, which tool, which template should be used. Besides, the project management skill is one of the essential factors that make the project finish successfully.

III. Quality Management Approach :

  • Quality management approach is very important when to implement the project. In order to get good result of Laptop selection project, I define about quality should be based on conformance with requirements, fitness for users and define planning quality. I concentrated for achieving good quality within project scope, project time and project cost. Therefore, base on this, I believed that the most important factor for a select suitable laptop is determining the success or failure of the project .
  • In this project, requirements buy new laptops to all four hundred staff over the period of a month. Therefore, all factor and criteria for the laptop such as battery life, weight, screen size, memory, hard disk, Wireless functional must be available, processor greater than 2.0 GHz and ram must be 4gb to meet requirements. It helps me easy to testing products from suppliers and find out suitable laptop of the project. The project is started until finished, each phase in the project must meet full requirement, quality assurance as well as the time. When we received the laptop from suppliers, finish install hardware and software and deliver to staff.
  • When controlling and monitoring the project, I use some tool such as Pareto chart, Control chart to analyze the problem as well as the solution for Select Laptop project.
  1. Recommended actions and conclusions:
  2. Recommended actions:

There are some issues when managing Laptop project. Today, there is already more tablet in businesses. However, most company selection laptop because the large screen and full keyboard are superiority. So that in this project, I choice laptop LENOVO EDGE E420.

Total Cost Ownership (TCO) is very important. It will be the effect the total cost of the project. In this project, the price of SAMSUNG Series 5 11.6 is $ 699.99 and Total Cost Ownership (TCO) is $1,335, Price of HP ENVY m6-1178sa 15.6 is $649.99, TCO is $1,255. The price of ASUS K43SM is $580, TCO is $825. But the price of Dell Vostro 3560 15.6 is $499 and TCO is $665 while Price of Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420 is $539.00 but TCO is $450.So that , I know that when to buy something, we are not only focused on prices, we also focus on the Total Cost Ownership .

  1. Conclusion:

The timeline of the project is a month, with support from PetroInternation (Head Office), IT specialist , Accountant and Tester, the project was finished successfully. The new laptop for four hundred staff. It will help them work more effective, more productivity and more professional.

V. Appendix A :

Factors and criteria:


  1. Weighted Scoring Model :total quality management


  1. Laptop comparison chart:

    total quality management
    total quality management


4.Test plan and test log :

Activity : Test hardware configuration, Test hardware performance, Test software, User acceptance.

Test required :

Check configuration of Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420 should be met:
– Battery : 6-cell
– Weight: 2.2 pounds
– Screen: 14WHD AntiGlare

– Test wireless, camera, microphone, media
Processor: Intel Core i5-2350M Processor (2.30GHz, 3MB L3, 1333MHz FSB)

Ram: 4GB DDR(1333)x1
Hard disk: 500GB SATA HDD(720rpjm)

Log to Boot hardware and use PassMark software and for testing:
– CPU tests: CPU speed
– Disk tests: Reading, writing
– Memory tests: memory speed and efficiency

– Windows
– Microsoft Offices
– Test Teamviewer, skypes, login CMS of company
– Test Virus Software Security

Delivery to staff

Sample: Check random 100 laptops on 400 laptops

Teg log: 100 laptops have met the requirement, All 250 laptops were passed hardware performance.

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